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New FAI steering and suspension initiative

FAI’s latest steering and suspension initiative is the introduction of a reinforced control arm range, designed to take the brunt of deteriorating road conditions and difficult terrain. The initial range covers popular-Benz models will be extended shortly.

FAI has developed the XT range initially for the Mercedes-Benz 203 /

Why is the XT range so tough, strong and durable?

The wishbone bush and ball joints of the control arm are the critical points that are susceptible to deformation with the additional stress when the suspension is managing the motion of the wheels on uneven roads.

There are three main areas of improvement to achieve FAI’s XT range; the characteristics of the wishbone bush, the bearing mechanism and the increased diameter of the ball pin. All XT range ball joints are also packed with a high performance grease specially designed for lifetime lubrication with high corrosion protection under extreme conditions and excellent water resistance.

For more detailed information on the FAI XT range and the stringent testing procedures that are undertaken,please visit the dedicated XT range page on the FAI new website once it launches or contact the customer service team for more information.

These are in stock and available for purchase now!