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New DT Spare Parts website upgrade includes expanded range

The range of online services offered by DT Spare Parts, a leading product brand for commercial vehicle spare parts, has been extended by the addition of practical new functions. Additional product information and a new range of services will now be available to all users of the brand’s website.

The easy-to-navigate product search function on the DT Spare Parts website uses article and reference numbers to find the correct part and each page offers technical data and comprehensive application information.


Also, all matching assembly and installation parts and repair kits for the required product are now listed. Further useful information is provided in the linked Product Portraits and video podcasts. Installation instructions for over 3000 DT Spare Parts products are available for download, helping to eradicate assembly errors. For further ease of use globally, multilingual guidelines are developed by experienced commercial-vehicle master mechatronic engineers, in collaboration with the technical editorial team.

Using a clear format, vehicle model and further details, such as type, engine, gearbox, axles and cab, are listed for each product. Additionally, technical information and illustrations for an increasing number of products are available to distribution partners who register by logging in to the Partner Portal.
Alternatively, digital product catalogues can be browsed on the DT Spare Parts website, and offer a further option for product search and parts identification.

Users can also take advantage of handy links to online services. The brand website is accessible on mobile devices, at any time and anywhere, at http://m.dt-spareparts.com/

The brand DT Spare Parts offers Diesel Technic’s own products and not original spare parts from the vehicle manufacturers. Regular product information is sent every 14 days via the newsletter “Parts info”. Sign up now at http://newsletter.dt-spareparts.com