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New drop arm pullers from Laser Tools

The Land Rover Series 2, 3 and Defender steering drop arm can wear because of its position low down at the front of the chassis — it’s exposed to all the road spray and water that gets thrown at it. Water gets into the joint and eventually you will have to replace the drop arm and ball joint because the rust has corroded it. However splitting the steering drop arm from the steering box can be problematic because the steering drop arm and the steering box splines corrode together.

To assist with this problem Laser Tools have recently introduced two drop arm pullers. Part number 6663 has a 43mm spread and designed for Land Rover Series 2, Series 2A, Series 3 models. Part number 6664 has a 57.5mm spread and is for the Land Rover Defender, 90, 110, 130 models from 1987-2006.

Although very strong and robust, both pullers are of compact dimensions and designed to be used in situ. Using these pullers will ensure the steering box shaft and oil seal remain intact. Both are supplied with a spare threaded bar.