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New DPF gun launches into diagnostics range

Launch, represented in Ireland by Woodford Diagnostics & Training has added a brand new diesel particulate filter (DPF) gun to its extensive range of diagnostic equipment, and is hoping to raise awareness to the importance of maintaining and cleaning a DPF.

With DPFs a topical subject at present due to the rising issues surrounding diesel engine emissions, Launch is keen to offer motorists a cost-effective solution and prevent them from falling foul of the law when their vehicle’s DPF warning light appears.

The Launch DPF cleaning tool will treat a vehicle’s DPF with a unique cleaning liquid, actively dissolving the soot and carbon content inside the filter.

Unlike other DPF cleaning procedures, the Launch DPF tool can be applied directly to a vehicle’s DPF without removal or other unnecessary work.

The Launch DPF tool has many benefits including increased engine performance, reduction of smoke from the exhaust, increased fuel economy, a reduction in exhaust noise and, a free flowing DPF, which decreases warning light instances.
Launch has also introduced a point of sale poster informing motorists of critical information surrounding DPFs and potential treatment to resolve any issues, helping to keep them in line with the law, as well as making them aware of the tool’s core benefits.

For more information contact Woodford Diagnostics & Training on 049 436 2877.