New diagnostic smoke leak detector

Laser Tools says its new Diagnostic Smoke Leak Detector Kit (part number 8831), is specially designed for controlled smoke generation, facilitating the detection of elusive leaks in various closed systems.

It’s a valuable tool for quickly pinpointing leaks in inlet manifold pipe work, plenum tubes, turbo pipes, intercoolers, exhaust systems, EVAP systems, engine breather pipes, and even vehicle door seals.

The kit comes with expandable bungs and rubber cones for convenient sealing and can also be utilised in conjunction with the Laser Turbo-system tester set (Part No. 7981).

Supplied with a convenient hook to hang under-bonnet, and the instrument uses commercially-available baby oil.

Designed to be powered by 12V vehicle battery, the 8831 instrument features a built-in pressure gauge, adjustable pressure regulator and flow gauge to allow the system being tested to be pressurised where required.

It’s easy to use: let the machine warm up and when it starts to produce smoke, connect to the system being tested; adjust the pressure and wait for a few minutes to allow the smoke to fill the system. If the system pressurises quickly and the flow gauge shows zero, then there are no leaks.

If the flow gauge is registering flow, then there is a leak (or leaks) in the system. Now you can check around joints and connections for evidence of smoke leakage — you’ll identify the leaks in minutes, saving time searching for cracked and worn components.

To test door seals, the kit is used outside of the vehicle with the heater fans set to maximum to pressurise the car interior. Direct the smoke at the door and hatch seals — even small seal leaks can be detected with this method.