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New Delphi Air Conditioning and Engine Cooling Catalogue

Delphi Product & Service Solutions (DPSS) has launched its new 2017 Air Conditioning and Engine Cooling Catalogue (Publication number S211/15).

The new catalogue features Delphi’s extensive air conditioning portfolio for European and Asian applications and includes more than 1500 part numbers, covering more than 26,000 applications (make/model/engine size). 

In addition, it contains information on over 165 new part numbers, providing additional sales opportunities for the forthcoming season. The extended range includes cabin air filters, compressors and condensers fitted to popular applications, such as the Audi A3 (2012>), BMW 4 Series (2014>), Ford Fiesta (2012>), Mercedes A Class (2014>) and Seat Ateca (2016>).

It also features some of the very latest air conditioning technology for faster and greener cooling performance. These parts offer improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, faster time to comfort and enhanced occupant protection.

The catalogue has a new to range parts section, full application details and a detailed buyer’s guide with product photography and OE numbers. The full range is also listed on TecDoc where Delphi is a certified “A Class” supplier of data, in addition to Delphi’s online catalogue, delphicat.com.

In readiness for the summer season, Delphi has developed a range of new marketing materials designed to give its customers the tools and know-how to take advantage of this fast-growing business opportunity.