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New Comline campaign focuses on importance of changing carbon filters

Comline has launched a new campaign focusing on the importance of cabin and activated carbon filters.

Renowned for its comprehensive range of all makes filters, Comline is utilising its ever-strengthening position across the European aftermarket to communicate exactly why a regular change of cabin filter is essential for the driver and vehicle occupants to ‘stay protected’.

The core of Comline’s ‘stay protected’ campaign is a dynamic new video and an equally powerful infographic poster, both of which communicate the benefits of cabin and carbon filters in engaging style.

Focusing on the potential health issues that the cabin filter aims to negate, both video and poster quickly build a clear understanding as to why it’s essential for any motorist to change their cabin filter in-line with their regular service intervals.

Group marketing & communications manager, Leigh Davies, commented: “It continues to surprise me how many motorists don’t see the importance of changing the cabin filter because it’s not mechanically essential for the vehicle. Ultimately, a cabin filter protects what’s most important in a vehicle – the driver and vehicle occupants!

“With our latest ‘stay protected’ campaign, Comline is aiming to deliver simple, educational tools that depict exactly why the cabin filter is so important. Furthermore, these are tools that can be utilised by factors, distributors and garages alike to help spread the word and potentially grow sales in this frequently under-exploited category.”

Alongside its range of air, oil, fuel and paper cabin filters, Comline also provides an extensive range of activated carbon filters which deliver an additional layer of protection against harmful gases such as Ozone or Benzine and help neutralise unpleasant odours. This is reflected in a clear thread running through its new campaign, which the brand consistently refers to as ‘The case for carbon’.

Davies added: “The case for carbon is clear and simple. If you want the optimum level of protection and want you and your family breathing clean, fresh air, then there really is no substitute for a Comline activated carbon filter.”

To view the Comline ‘stay protected’ video in full visit the brand’s YouTube page and, to claim your free infographic poster, please contact