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New Champion EON-Titan spark plug range

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has has launched its new Champion EON-Titan spark plug range. Innovative use of the latest spark plug technology has enabled Champion to consolidate its range, providing leading car parc coverage of 90 per cent with only 18 product references. This enables retailers to improve stock rotation and reduce shelf space whilst still offering market leading vehicle coverage.


“By combining several technologies into our EON-Titan spark plug range, Champion is able to cover the vast majority of the car parc through a very limited number of products; it’s the perfect modern retail solution,” says Bert de Haes, Group Product Manager, Ignition, EMEA, Federal-Mogul Motorparts. “Retailers are able to increase sales opportunities while reducing the required investment in terms of stock costs and required shelf space – competitors offer between 68-73 per cent coverage using 17-34 products, so the benefits to retailers and customers are clear.”

OE-quality EON-Titan spark plugs are suitable for naturally aspirated or turbocharged applications, are pre-gapped for optimum performance, and benefit from a range of innovative technologies and the latest manufacturing techniques. For example, the spark plugs use a Formula 1-derived ribless technology that ensures maximum flashover protection and increased strength. The complete range is manufactured using premium materials to ensure reliability, proven durability and improved performance.

For naturally aspirated applications, a machined thermal contour centre electrode for precious-metal performance features, while turbocharged applications benefit from a Platinum fine-wire centre electrode.

The 18 product references that comprise the Champion EON-Titan range are available in four-pack blister packaging or 10-pack carton boxes. The innovative packaging features a QR code to further ease correct part lookup for customers, and also features part-specific initial fitting instructions to provide clarity and improve servicing time.