New ceramic-bladed safety knife from Laser Tools

Laser Tools has introduced this ceramic-bladed safety utility knife (part number 8404), which offers safer handling with much longer blade life and is ideal for use in the office or a warehouse floor.

It claims the ceramic blade is significantly harder than steel therefore offers exceptional wear resistance, lasting up to ten times longer than a comparative steel blade.

Because of a traditional steel blade’s relative softness, they are sharpened to unsafe levels — the much harder ceramic blade doesn’t have to be as sharp, and therefore offers an effective, durable, and safer edge.

Perfect cutting through paper, cardboard, tape and plastic packaging. The handle features an ergonomic grip, suitable for both left and right-handed users and has a storage compartment for a spare blade.

With on-board blade storage (spare blades available separately), and a tool-free blade change mechanism, this knife is always ready for work.

Spring-loaded blade retracts automatically when the slider is released, ensuring that it is never left exposed between jobs. The blade is also non-magnetic, non-conductive, never rusts, chemically inert and non-contaminating.

A useful addition to the tool kit and available now from your Laser Tools stockist. (Spare blade available: part number 61858).