New car registrations fall across Europe for eight consecutive month

New car registrations across Europe fell in May, for the eighth consecutive month, figures produced by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) confirm.

In May, demand for new passenger cars in the EU was down 8.7 per cent. In total, 1,106,845 new cars were registered in the region.. May 2012 counted on average one working day less than May 2011. Five months into the year, new registrations amounted to 5,442,326 units, or 7.7 per cent less than in the same period last year.

In May, most markets shrank, leading to an overall downturn. The major ones faced contractions ranging from 4.8 per cent in Germany to 8.2 per cent in Spain, 14.3 per cent in Italy and 16.2 per cent in France. Only the UK posted growth (+7.9 per cent).

From January to May, registrations slightly increased in two of the most significant markets, with the German stable at +0.3 per cent and the British recording +2.6 per cent. Elsewhere, demand dropped, by 7.3 per cent in Spain, and more severely in France (-17.2 per cent) and Italy (-18.9 per cent) .