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New Bosch cabin filter launched

A sneezing driver is a blind driver – for a moment. With Summer round the corner, Bosch has launched a new cabin filter range which will help drivers crippled by allergies brought on by the season change.

Reducing lung irritation and many of the symptoms associated with allergies, the new FILTER+ is a special cabin filter separating dust and allergen particles, and even bacteria.

Drivers can breathe easy with three active layers of filtration working for them. An activated-carbon layer even keeps air smelling fresh. The ultra-fine microfiber layer retains up to 99 percent of all fine dust while a molecular grid structure catches allergens such as pollen, and silver ions within the anti-allergic layer kill harmful bacteria.

By reducing and preventing allergic reactions such as sneezing attacks, the new FILTER+ helps minimise driver distraction. Drivers can focus on the road and breathe freely without irritants blurring their vision or tickling their lungs.

For 25 years now, Bosch cabin filters have been improving driving comfort by ensuring clean air inside the vehicle. With its complete range of cabin filters, reaching from standard and activated-carbon filters through to the particularly powerful FILTER+, Bosch provides just the right filter for any individual requirements. The FILTER+ range is available to distributors for most common car makes and models.

Alex Phelan, Product Manager for Filters at Bosch said: “With Spring in the air we are delighted to introduce Filter+ from Bosch, our latest product to improve air quality within the vehicle, available now across the UK and Ireland.”