New analysis set to open up ‘new era’ of EV battery diagnostics

Until now, battery tests have provided electric vehicle (EV) owners insight into the total condition of an EV’s battery without providing a comparison with other vehicles.

While this represented a milestone in understanding the re-marketing of used electric vehicles, it was not previously possible to compare the values with a peer group.

AVILOO Battery Diagnostics says it has developed what it calls a revolutionary solution that not only precisely records the battery’s State of Health (SoH), but also enables a comparison with similar vehicles.

According to AVILOO, this pioneering development marks another milestone in battery diagnostics for electric vehicles.


An outstanding innovation is the presentation of the State of Health (SoH) values of a specific
electric vehicle in comparison to the SoH values of all other similar vehicle models, both
graphically and numerically (Figure 1).

In addition, comparative analyses provide insight into other relevant categories such as internal resistance and battery performance. The information on the charging and driving behaviour of electric vehicles, which illustrates the influence of driving behaviour on battery health, is also particularly noteworthy (Figure 2).


For the first time, AVILOO customers will also have access to graphical representations of the signals monitored during dynamic tests (Figure 3).


This new way of displaying results also increases customer safety by informing them graphically
and numerically about the status of the individual cell levels. In the event of a battery fault, the PREMIUM certificate and the FLASH Report contain a detailed analysis (Figure 4).


To deliver accurate and relevant benchmark results, AVILOO adds that it has introduced new algorithms and restructured the reporting system of the ‘Premium’ and ‘Flash’ tests.

Nikolaus Mayerhofer, AVILOO CTO, emphasises that a comparative benchmark analysis is only possible with an independent battery diagnosis that does not use the data read from the battery, but is primarily based on measured and analysed data: “The AVILOO battery database is the most
comprehensive in the world and enables the comparison of vehicles of different makes and
models, thus underlining the absolute necessity of an independent battery diagnosis.”

Dr. Marcus Berger, AVILOO CEO, emphasises the importance of this development for the used
electric vehicle market: “By comparing a vehicle with many other vehicles of the same vehicle
type, we provide a simple and understandable answer to how good the battery of an electric
vehicle is compared to other electric vehicles of the same model, age and mileage. This is the
answer to many questions from both sellers and buyers and will make the re-marketing of used
electric vehicles much easier.”

The further developments to the ‘Premium’ Test Certificate and the ‘Flash’ Test Report will be
introduced gradually in several phases in the third quarter of 2024, AVILOO says.