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Motorists get petrol and diesel cost warning

Motorists have been warned that the cost of petrol and diesel prices are going to keep rising.
The advice comes as prices at the pumps have already surged to a three-year high. Increases in the cost of crude oil and the rise in the value of the dollar were pushing up pump prices for Irish drivers.

Crude has jumped from around $30 a barrel before Christmas to $80 at the moment.

This reflects the strengthening world economy, experts said.

A litre of petrol now costs 141c on average – a rise of more than three cents when compared with last month’s figure of 137.6c. The cost of a litre of diesel has also increased over the past month, from 127.1c in April to 131c.

It now costs the driver of a petrol car around €9 more a month to fill up than this time last year, with diesel buyers facing an extra €11 a month to keep fuelled up.