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Motaquip debuts in Frankurt

The UK-based Motaquip brand made its debut at this year’s Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition and has declared its inaugural appearance at the event a resounding success.

The automotive parts supplier of more than 35 years is well established in UK market and, since leaving the PSA Group and becoming an independent brand in 2014, has begun to develop the international arm of its business with new customers already emerging in markets such as Denmark, Latvia and Portugal. 

With its Export business already gathering pace and the brand actively seeking distribution opportunities in various international markets, Automechanika Frankfurt 2018 provided the perfect setting for Motaquip to present its class-leading products to an international audience for the first time in its history.

Motaquip Export Sales General Manager, Harvinder Handa comments: “Automechanika Frankfurt 2018 was a landmark moment for Motaquip and it’s been a hugely exciting week here in Germany. The level of interest in Motaquip from visitors from right across Europe and beyond has been substantial and I’m confident that we have established leads that will further expand our growing Motaquip distributor network.”

“Having been with Motaquip since early 2004 it’s been incredible to see the rebirth of the brand in recent years. Making our presence felt at Automechanika Frankfurt is yet another significant step in taking the brand to new heights and the opportunity to connect with a new, global audience has been a real thrill.” said Motaquip General Manager, Peter Cox.

At the core of Motaquips layout in Frankfurt, was a detailed showcase of Motaquip’s premium quality, multi-category product portfolio, including filters, braking, steering & suspension, engine management and more.

This product centre-piece was complimented by an interactive touchscreen showcasing the brand’s all-new website – – and further enhanced by the premiere of Motaquip’s dynamic new video, which was revealed for the first time in Frankfurt.