Monbatt exclusive distributor for Mannol in Ireland

Monbatt, Ireland’s leading battery specialist, still holds pole position in the marketplace with key brands, such as Fiamm, Bosch and Dagenite, retaining 40 per cent market share and holding strong.

Established in 1996, by Managing Director Gary Larkin, who had a vision to build a business selling automotive starter batteries into the motor industry nationwide. Through pure determination and hard work, Gary set his sights on expanding his business, having established himself after his first number of years trading.

Sales started to grow, better than expected and as you do in business, you look to create new relationships with the supplier manufacturers, as far away as Asia and Europe.

Once establishing himself and his company on the big stage and becoming a strong competitor in the Irish marketplace, Gary was firmly getting to grips with this business. From humble beginnings to becoming number one in the market, competing with many big brands.

A decade ago, Gary knew that his business needed to refocus and in support of his loyal team of employees, it was time to expand his warehouse facilities, to make room for more incoming stocks, as the business was built on reliability of service.

Time to ramp up, opening a new warehouse, meant more employees, now employing a staff of 30, with the best of the sales representation in the industry, covering all 32 counties.

Adding another string to his bow, Monbatt introduced motor oils to its portfolio, a full range of lubricants under his private brand Lubex, covering passenger vehicles, commercial truck and agri machinery products. This was a new challenge for the company. Having established its automotive battery business, the company realised a complementary product range was imminent, hence, Lubex lubricants.

Like any products, this part of the business proved to be very competitive, but still, Monbatt was committed to making a success out of this. Having established good relations with top blenders in Europe, Lubex is now achieving sales in excess of all expectations and is well positioned in the lubricants industry throughout Ireland.

Twelve months ago, Monbatt started to build relations with Mannol Lubricants UK – a company that has earned great respect in the lubricants industry since it entered the UK market nine years ago.

Gary and his team knew that Mannol lubricants was well received in the Irish automotive industry, due to its quality, presentation, and OEM approvals. Once the supply line was opened, orders were placed, and stocks started to roll in.

This was a very exciting opportunity for Monbatt and as the brand was already established, due to the exceptional brand awareness and sales generated by Mannol UK & Ireland, over the last number of years, it was a must for Monbatt to aligned themselves with this recognised brand.

Monbatt continues to promote its private lubricant brand Lubex successfully, and since introducing Mannol products 12 months ago, the results have been exceptional. Interestingly enough, since the beginning of 2022, we have all witnessed price increases taking place more often than normal and still the demand is high.

Gary says: “Since introducing Mannol lubricants to Monbatt, we certainly opened new lines of business. We were pleasantly surprised with the positive reception we received from our customers and we have now established ourselves as a reliable lubricant provider.”

Then came the good news. Mannol UK & Ireland agreed to an exclusive distribution agreement with Monbatt for the island of Ireland. This announcement was released only two weeks ago, informing all existing Mannol customers of this arrangement.

Mannol UK & Ireland Managing Director Jevgenij Lyzko was pleased with the performance levels of Monbatt’s Mannol sales over the past twelve months and decided that Monbatt is the right partner for his brand.

Having developed the sales in both the UK and Ireland, Mr Lyzko would like a bigger market share in the automotive lubricant industry in Ireland and what better way to do this then appoint a local wholesale distributor – someone who knows the market, that has all the resources available to them, supported by strong sales force.

Mannol lubricants has achieved international success with its products. Having invested heavily in acquiring original equipment manufacturers approvals, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes (MB) for its 5W-30 fully synthetic products.

Now available from Monbatt
A complete range of Mannol lubricants for all applications, from engine oils, for passenger vehicles, heavy duty commercial vehicle lubricants and a range of gear oils, hydraulic and super universal transmission tractor oils, for all agricultural machinery.

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