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Mintex perfects the 100 per cent copper free brake pads 

As part of its extensive R&D programme, renowned aftermarket brake brand, Mintex, has developed its own unique formulations to ensure all of its pads are 100 per cent copper free.

Copper, which is inherently a good conductor of heat, is extremely damaging for the environment due to the deposits left on the road as the brake pads wear down. The small amounts of copper wash away into the waterways and are highly toxic to fish, invertebrates, amphibians and phytoplankton.

To ensure its products are more environmentally friendly, as well as complying to the Better Brake Rules, Mintex has developed a friction formula that eradicates 100 per cent copper from its pads, without compromising on the quality of performance.
Part of TMD Friction, Mintex, benefits from the OE manufacturer’s €27m investment in R&D each year.

Scott Irwin, technical manager at TMD Friction, said: “As a global manufacturer, being at the forefront of brake technology is a key objective for TMD Friction, as well as taking our responsibility to the wider environment seriously.

“Through extensive research and development we have found the perfect formula to replace the copper content within our friction. This ensures that all Mintex brake pads are 100 per cent copper free, whilst still achieving the same renowned quality our customers have become accustomed to.”

All Mintex friction products are certified under the Better Brake Rules regulation and marked with an environmental code on the product.

The Better Brake Rules regulation is a law passed in Washington in 2010 to reduce the use of toxic material in automotive brake pads and shoes. This law restricts the use of several heavy metals and asbestos and provides a phase out of copper. Vehicle brake pads manufactured after 2021 must contain less than five per cent copper. By 2025, brake pads must contain less than 0.5 per cent copper.