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Millers Oils launches three new engine oils for modern classics

Protecting your investment and looking after your modern classic influences all maintenance and care purchases. But ensuring the longevity and healthy life of the vehicle for future generations to enjoy shouldn’t be a time-consuming or costly practice.

The new Classic Pistoneeze range from Millers Oils features three new products for modern classics.

Specifically designed for the new modern classics from the 70s and 80s that are gaining popularity, these three new additions combine the latest technology performance additives, high quality solvent refined base oils and shear stable index (SSI) improver to deliver the ultimate performance and engine protection.

Suitable for both diesel and petrol engines, these new moderate detergent premium multi-grade mineral engine oils will be available as 15W40, 10W40 and 10W30, and will come in both five and one litre bottles.

The bespoke formulation, including corrosion inhibiting ZDDP, has been created by Millers Oils’ technical team for modern classic engines which incorporate modern filtration systems.