Michelin urges drivers to get a grip this winter

Sixty per cent of motorists drive with tyres that are underinflated – that’s according to tyre manufacturer Michelin which is currently advising Irish motorists to be sure and get a grip this winter.

According to experts at Michelin, cold weather can affect a tyre’s pressure because as air temperature drops, so does tyre pressure.

Also, with normal tyres, low temperatures can harden the tread, reducing grip on slippery surfaces so much so that, during winter, when temperatures drop below 7˚C, the advice is to fit tyres designed specifically for winter conditions. These have rubber compounds that remain flexible to improve grip and braking performance.

According to Michelin PR Manager for the UK and Ireland, Paul Cordle, tyre choice can significantly affect safety and performance on icy roads as braking distance can be multiplied by up to eight times in certain conditions.

“Simple measures such as checking tyre pressures and fitting dedicated cold weather tyres designed to improve grip, reduce the risk of aquaplaning and improve wet braking in cold winter conditions can have a significant impact on road safety” Mr. Cordle said.