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Meyle will present Meyle-HD and Meyle-Original lines at Auto Trade EXPO

The Hamburg-based spare parts manufacturer, Meyle will be exhibiting at Auto Trade EXPO in Citywest Hotel & Exhibition Centre, Dublin, October 20-21 at stand 6M.

Meyle will present numerous product highlights and service kits of its product lines Meyle-HD and Meyle-Original. As an additional highlight, Patrick Stüdemann, technical trainer international at Meyle, will present the Meyle oil change kit and its benefits for the workshops on Saturday (October 20) in the Tech Talk Zone.

Steering & suspension parts

Meyle-HD control arm for BMW models:
True to the motto ‘one for all’ Meyle will be presenting its innovative Meyle-HD control arm. Designed to replace three different OE control arm versions, the specially developed Meyle-HD part caters for all BMW X5 and X6 series models from 2007 onwards.

Suspension & damping parts

Meyle-Original shock absorbers:
Meyle will display its Meyle-Original shock absorbers. Meyle supplies a comprehensive range of shock absorbers engineered to resist early part wear: an electro-mechanical coating process ensures reliable protection against abrasives.

Meyle-HD flex disc

Meyle is presenting new references for the flex disc in Meyle-HD quality, resulting from collaboration with BOGE Elastmetall GmbH. The flex disc is as a ready-to-install Meyle smart repair kit comprising a high-quality flex disc and the corresponding installation materials. Optimised materials, including a special rubber blend and exceptional thread stability inside the flex disc, ensure better performance and an above-average service life.

Cooling parts

Meyle-HD water pumps:
Meyle will present its Meyle-HD water pumps. With a total of 18 products, almost 60 million vehicles can be covered worldwide. Independent workshops benefit from the many advantages of the SiC/SiC mechanical seals used in Meyle water pumps. Meyle also offers a four year guarantee on Meyle-HD products and a parallel 100,000 miles guarantee on all Meyle water pumps.

Engine and transmission parts

Oil change kits for automatic transmission:
Meyle-Original oil change kits for automatic transmissions allow workshops to deliver one-stop maintenance and repair services to a growing number of car owners. As of today, Meyle offers a comprehensive range of more than 60 repair-friendly kits for full-service automatic transmission oil change covering more than 5,100 vehicle applications equipped with popular gearbox types. The kits feature all components required for time-effective oil change to professional standards.