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Meyle upgrades control arm for BMW and Mini

Meyle has launched a technically improved aluminium Meyle-HD control arm with a replaceable support joint and fastening material for BMW and Mini, and is currently only available from Meyle in the aftermarket, compared to the OE part.

The aluminium construction ensures that the control arms are very well protected against corrosion and are particularly durable. A weight of just 4.2kg offers advantages along the entire logistics chain. This not only reduces the total weight of the vehicle, but also lowers costs on day-to-day workshop and shipping activities, and saves required storage space.

The kit consists of both control arms (left and right), matching Meyle-HD bushings with holders and the necessary fastening material. The Meyle-HD control arm kit was first presented at Automechanika Frankfurt in 2018 and is now available under the parts numbers 3160500135/HD and 3160500136/HD.