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Meyle-HD control arm kit now available for Land Rover models

Meyle presents another application of its innovative Meyle-HD control arm kit. With this, three different versions of the OE part can be replaced by one Meyle-HD part for the Land Rover models Range Rover IV and Range Rover Sport.

The continuously variable ball joint with exact position display allows camber correction during axle alignment directly on the vehicle. The forged aluminium control arm also scores with the individually exchangeable ball joint and the technically refined Meyle-HD bushings with profile-optimised inner sleeve, which are also available separately.

A new Meyle-HD control arm replaces three OE control arm versions for the Land Rover models Range Rover IV and Range Rover Sport and makes the usually complex repair work easier for workshops: thanks to a continuously variable adjustable ball joint and exact position indication, the new Meyle-HD control arm can be used for three different wheel camber settings, thus replacing three different OE parts. This not only saves workshops time in the search for articles and installation, but also storage space, logistics and transport costs – instead of six references, only two control arms are required for the repair of the Range Rover models Range Rover IV and Range Rover Sport.

The ball joint and the reinforced bushings – both in technically advanced Meyle-HD quality – can be replaced individually and turns the Meyle-HD control arm kit into another sustainable repair solution. The ball joint is additionally provided with a high-quality corrosion coating. With the innovative seal made of wear-resistant rubber including shielding ring, the ball joint is a reliable and durable spare part, saving time and money in everyday workshop life. Workshops can also win over their customers with the four-year guarantee on Meyle-HD parts.