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Meyle gains International Preferred ATR Supplier (IPAS) status

Meyle AG has been awarded International Preferred ATR Supplier (IPAS) status. Under the IPAS status, the ATR international trade cooperation is bundling its independent aftermarket vendors in currently 55 markets.

The Hamburg-based specialist manufacturer of steering and suspension parts Meyle was designated an IPAS vendor thanks to the company’s engineering expertise and comprehensive range of steering and suspension parts. Some of the multiple benefits for ATR customers include being able to source top-grade Meyle ORIGINAL parts, having access to a wide range of services and taking advantage of the extended four-year guarantee given for all Meyle HD parts.

In order to be able to offer consistent part and service quality on the international automotive aftermarket, ATR is bundling its product portfolio. “To meet the increasingly challenging complexity of automotive spares, we make use of a network of high-performance vendors in order to offer our partners value-added products and services. This is why we sign IPAS framework agreements with suppliers who comply with our stringent quality standards, feature a product range catering for all popular vehicle applications on international markets and offer solutions designed to meet the growing demand in information and training”, says Wolfgang Menges, General Manager Coordination Purchasing at ATR International AG on the motivation behind the IPAS program. “With Meyle, we have chosen a partner and manufacturing specialist who fully complies with our requirements,” Menges adds, describing the reasons why Meyle was awarded the IPAS status.

“The Meyle brand is synonymous with expertise, quality and service, which is validated by our brand slogan ‘DRIVER’S BEST FRIEND’”, says André Sobottka, Board member in charge of Sales, Marketing and Communications at Meyle AG. “As a manufacturing company holding the reins of part design and production, our engineers guide and supervise all processes along the manufacturing chain of our steering and suspension parts. This is how we ensure that Meyle products deliver the highest quality for repair shops and end users, and eventually for all ‘Drivers’. We are very excited to have found in IPAS a network of strong partners who share our commitment to quality and contribute towards making vehicles all over the world perform longer and more reliably.”

The Meyle production process is certified to ISO/TS 16949 standards making it equal to OE. The company’s annual investments in research and development account for up to five percent of sales – a strategy which has earned the family-owned business a leading position on the automotive aftermarket and put it on the radar of OE manufacturers: Since January 2016, Meyle has been collaborating with Morgan Motor Company, supplying Great Britain’s most exquisite car manufacturer with Meyle ORIGINAL steering and suspension parts.