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Mark Water Pumps invests in lean manufacturing

With Aston Martin moving in at Glamorgan and TVR planning to open a base in Ebbw Vale, it is worth recognising that automotive parts production is also thriving in North Wales.

mark-waterpumpsColwyn Bay is already the second-largest community and business centre in North Wales, and Mark Water Pumps based in Mochdre has just announced investment in the latest ‘lean’ manufacturing methods to help it ensure production is super-efficient as the business diversifies into other areas using its in-house high pressure aluminium casting plant, manufacturing and test, and stock logistics facilities.

The company has embraced lean culture manufacturing methods, which are used to optimise work-flow and make the most of floor space, adding to cost efficiency and overall competitiveness. Through this they have rapidly expanded the business to where it is today, and the company still continues to grow with its Pro-Flow range of OEM & aftermarket water pumps, plus new ranges of aluminium cast products.

By utilising effective use of space the company has increased production efficiency, allowing its customers’ to receive orders quicker and in larger quantities. Waste reduction has also been considered and through the efficient use of materials, packaging and technology, this has allowed reduced waste disposal costs-whilst having the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. This is backed up by Mark Water Pumps recently gaining ISO/TS 16949 certification.

With all casting, assembly and testing of components done on site, the time taken for any project to be completed is reduced, facilitating quick turnaround times. Following on from production of the finished products, Mark Water Pumps works closely with established logistics companies to make sure that the customers’ order is delivered quickly and efficiently.

Mark Water Pumps believes in continued improvement in all fields, but it also realises that this must work hand in hand with the staff it employs. Many of the staff have years of technical knowhow and are consulted and listened to regularly with regards to changes in infrastructure. In fact all employees are actively encouraged to come up with ideas for continued improvement.

Of course, the future of the company needs to be considered, and Mark Water Pumps welcomes budding engineers to contact them for apprenticeship opportunities, with a number of apprentices currently being employed. This along with investing in training provides a great contingency plan for the future.

Whilst some import companies are slowing investment down due to the recent decision to exit from the EU, Mark Water Pumps as a domestic manufacturer is set to benefit from more competitive export prices and continues to invest in its infrastructure whilst keeping costs to customers the same.

Together stronger has never been truer…