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Mark Water Pumps buck the trend

Mark Water Pumps will buck the trend in the automotive market this season and stay open for business all summer. David Lewis, Plant Manager at Mark Water Pumps Ltd (MWPL) made the decision based on customer service.

“It’s been tradition to shut the plant down in the auto trade and automotive supply trade for many years, however, not everyone shuts at the same time! So if we were to shut-down, we would have customers who then didn’t have access to our huge stock and back catalogue of automotive water pumps.

David Lewis, Plant Manager outside Mark Water Pumps in Colwyn Bay North Wales

It would be different if we only serviced OE manufacturers and could arrange large shipments to arrive when they were required, but so many manufacturing sites operate Just-in-Time production systems that the stock would have to be available from somewhere. Since we stock and manufacture for our OE clients, our OES supply contracts and to support the general replacement market, our demand is fairly consistent.

We spoke to all our staff, worked out a holiday rota, and this year the doors will stay open throughout the summer. How about that for service?”

MWPL will be available to service all customer requirements on automotive water pumps whether it is a single replacement product or a pallet load heading for an assembly plant during July, August and September 2017.