Maha Ireland: In conversation with Stephen Flinter

As Maha Ireland’s sales manager, Stephen Flinter possesses a wealth of experience and a passion for delivering exceptional customer service. In this interview, Flinter sheds light on his journey, achievements, and the strategies that drive success in the industry – Maha Ireland’s industry.

Stephen Flinter

Q Stephen, tell us about your sales journey and landing at Maha Ireland?

“My journey in sales began with hands-on experience in demonstrating and selling capital equipment. This early exposure provided me with valuable insights, preparing me for the challenging yet rewarding world of technical sales.

“I joined Maha Ireland in 2019, and I am responsible for new equipment sales, which starts at the initial inquiry. This progresses to the sale of equipment, ordering and installation processes, as well as follow up with customer post installation and invoicing equipment – it’s a busy but satisfying job!”

Q What are your most significant achievements to date?

“I take great pride in consistently meeting and exceeding sales targets at Maha Ireland. Beyond the numbers, I have project-managed significant workshop fit-outs, contributing to growth and reputation in the industry, as well as, most importantly, pleasing the customers that put their faith and trust in us and our equipment.”

Q What have you learned during your tenure at Maha Ireland?

“A crucial lesson is the paramount importance of understanding and addressing customer needs. My technical background allows me to provide informed advice to customers, ensuring they invest in equipment that suits their requirements. Hopefully, it gives them confidence!

“The significance of personal connections in business can’t be underestimated either. By delivering excellent service and meeting clients in person, I believe that Maha Ireland is not just a name but a trusted partner in our clients’ success.

“Furthermore, staying abreast of industry trends through my extensive network is vital. By keeping an ear to the ground, I’m able to identify opportunities, such as new workshops or companies securing contracts, allowing me to proactively offer our solutions.”

Q How important is teamwork at Maha Ireland?

“Generating a strong work ethic and culture is key to a strong and successful business – and we have that in abundance at Maha Ireland. Regular communication with service engineers and the frontline contacts with customers, ensures that customers’ equipment is in optimum condition and not missing out on crucial running time. This synergy ensures a cohesive approach to meeting client requirements and creating a positive work environment.”

Q What is your career goal at Maha Ireland?

“Looking to the future, I aspire to take on a senior role within Maha Ireland, working alongside managing director, Eoin Mallon, who has a clear plan to strengthen the business further following the legacy left behind by his father, John Mallon.

“My immediate plans, however, involve expanding equipment sales, with a particular focus on the recently launched lithium-ion powered mobile column lifts. The C_RGA is an upgrade on its predecessor.

“The lithium-ion battery, in particular, means less downtime and more lifts! Also, the new battery design reduces the overall weight of the column, which, in turn, leads to enhanced movability around the workshop and improves the visibility for the operator.”

Q What’s the best thing about working for Maha Ireland?

“The most enjoyable part of my role is the interaction with both new and existing customers. Witnessing projects evolve from the initial stages to completion brings a sense of fulfilment and underscores the impact of our workshop solutions on the industry. The people that work within Maha Ireland make it an enjoyable and easy place to work. It is like one big family, and we all help each other out.”


Flinter says his commitment to customer satisfaction, keen industry insights, and collaborative spirit position him as a driving force behind Maha Ireland’s continued growth and success.

As the company looks toward the future, underlined with the launch of the C_RGA mobile column lifts and injection of lithium-ion battery power, Flinter’s approach will play a vital role in continuing the trajectory of Maha Ireland.