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Lumag shortens the braking distance by 3 metres

Lumag, the leading Polish manufacturer of friction materials, has recently invested 700,000 PLN to extend its factory with a new production line used for applying a layer of the so-called “Green Coat”. Owing to this investment, brake pads made by the company will offer even greater safety by shortening the braking distance from 50 to 0 kph during breaking-in of newly installed pads by up to 3 metres.

All brake pads approved for marketing in the EU have to meet the requirements of the ECE R90 regulation, which, among other things, defines the maximum allowed braking distance. Unfortunately, very often a new set of brakes does not ensure full braking efficiency immediately after installation, and full efficiency is commonly achieved only after covering 200-300 kilometres. This phenomenon – referred to as “green fade” by experts – is defined as a drop in braking force caused by excessively violent pressing down on the brake pedal, when brake pads have not been broken-in yet.

“Our response to green fade is the Green Coat – a thin layer made of silicates, among other components, applied on the outer friction surface of a pad. Brake pads featuring a layer of the Green Coat provide a higher coefficient of friction right from the first application of the brakes, which significantly shortens the braking distance during the bedding in process. The layer lasts for a few dozen brake applications, which overlaps with the time a new brake needs to reach full efficiency. Tests indicate that the Green Coat can shorten the braking distance from 50 to 0 kph by up to 3 metres, which can help the driver avoid a dangerous collision”, says Marcin Darowny, manager in the Lumag’s Research and Development Department.

New line for the application of the Green Coat

As a part of the investment project, Lumag’s factory located in Budzyń in the Wielkopolska region of Poland, will be extended by a stand-alone line used for the application of the Green Coat. The semi-fluid material will be screen printed on the working surface of the friction material, while a laser screen positioning system will ensure the right position of the grid pattern developed by Lumag’s experts. Next, brake pads will be automatically conveyed to a drying module. It is especially worth noting that no solvents are used in the production process, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Marek Żak, president of Lumag added: “Safety and innovation have been the cornerstones of our development for 30 years. That is why our products are made in the most modern friction material factory in Central and Eastern Europe, which is being constantly extended. Another step in our development is the construction of a stand-alone Green Coat application line. Owing to the line, almost all brake pads we make will feature this new coat, as so far this option has been offered only in selected products.”

Lumag brake pads featuring the Green Coat will be launched in May. Detailed description of new products will shortly be made available on the company website: