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Lucas oil additive solutions clinic

Lucas says most drivers will be aware that their cars use brake fluid to help slow down their cars. Many will appreciate the need to keep it topped up. Few will understand the difference between a DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5 brake fluid specification.

If a customer runs two cars and the main vehicle requires a brake fluid with a DOT 4, it’s possible that the classic car that’s kept in the garage as a weekend toy requires only a DOT 3 brake fluid, which is a lower specification.

While it’s safe to top up both cars with DOT 4, emphasise that what they cannot do is put the DOT 3 specification brake fluid into the DOT 4 system.

DOT 5 brake fluid has been developed for high performance vehicles. Several Audi models, for example, are now set up for DOT 5 brake fluid, while an increasing number of racing applications are using it, too.
A DOT 5 brake fluid has a higher specification than DOT 4 and is more expensive. Although DOT 5 fluids can be used safely in a system that requires only a DOT 4 fluid, topping up a DOT 4 system with a DOT 5 fluid is a more expensive option.

So, while it’s nice to be able to tell customers that you’ve been able to save them some money, you can also help them to feel safer on the road

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