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Lexus dominates Auto Express Driver Power Survey

Auto Express magazine in the UK has just announced the results of its Driver Power Survey 2016. The survey of 50,000 drivers in the UK resulted in five Lexus models making it into top ten ranking of most reliable cars, including RX, IS, GS NX and CT.


The annual Drive Power survey from Auto Express is the UK’s best indicator of what car owners really think of their cars across a wide range of categories, including Reliability, Build Quality, Handling, Performance, Running Costs and more. This year nearly 50,000 motorists were polled about 150 different cars models. This year’s reliability ranking sees RX take first place, IS in 2nd, GS in 4th, and NX and CT models in 9th and 10th places respectively.

In terms of other categories, NX, RX Mk2 and RX Mk3 scored in the top three Best for Build Quality segment, while GS was ranked 2nd for Best In-Car Tech.

Kevin O’Reilly, Head of Lexus commented: “We are delighted to have scored so highly in the annual Auto Express Drive Power Survey, and are proud to have dominated in the top ten for the Most Reliable Car category. While the survey results are testament to the superior quality inherent in Lexus cars, we are particularly honoured to have this recognised and reflected by our loyal customers.”