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LDV launches EG10 people mover

LDV is growing its electric vehicle fleet with its latest zero-emission model, the EG10, which is making its debut at the CV Show this week.

Mark Barrett, General Manager LDV UK & Ireland

The EG10 is the second EV from LDV and follows the unveiling of the much-lauded EV80, at last year’s CV Show.

The all-new EG10 is a people mover available in two models, Flagship and Elite, and has the power of a ternary lithium battery, with peak power of 150kw and torque of 800Nm.

LDV says it has a range of more than 100 miles and room for seven passengers. It has a multi-function steering wheel, front and back radars and a rear camera.

Other standard equipment on the EG10 includes dual sliding doors, keyless entry, a Bluetooth, MP3 and DVD player with seven-inch display.

It also features crystal HD headlights, automatic high beam functions, rain sensing wipers, touch-free automatic tail door, and panoramic sunroof .

The EG10 will be followed by petrol and diesel variants