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Laser Tools unveils new engine timing kit

With Opel’s new family of SIDI (Spark Ignition Direct Injection) now firmly established across the range, Laser Tools has just released its comprehensive engine timing kit (part number 6810) for the 1.6 litre version.

Designed and manufactured by Laser Tools in Sheffield, the kit provides the essential tools required when replacing the camshaft drive chains and for setting the engine timing. Tools included are a pair of balance shaft sprocket locking pins, two timing chain tensioner pins, camshaft holding and alignment tools and a specially designed crankshaft pulley holding tool which is used with a 1/2″ drive breaker bar.
Covers the 1.6 SIDI engines from 2013 to date with A16XHT, A16SHT, B16XHT, B16SHL and B16SHT engine codes. Equivalent to OEM tools EN-51151, EN-50513, EN-51148 and EN-51147.
This high quality engine timing tool kit is available now from your Laser Tools stockist.