New dedicated spark plug socket set from Laser Tools

As modern petrol engines get smaller in capacity, they also get physically smaller as well. These tight dimensions and clearances mean that the smaller spark plugs are deeply recessed and you will invariably find that your trusty spark plug socket will not fit into the recess.

To combat this, Laser Tools have launched its new three-piece, thin-walled spark plug socket set, part number 7295. This is a 3/8 inch drive set of dedicated spark plug sockets that feature very thin walls to fit these narrow, modern spark plug recesses. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel to keep them strong, they also feature a rubber insert to grip the spark plug.

The three socket sizes are 14mm (18mm outside diameter of socket), 16mm (20.4mm outside diameter) and 18mm (23mm outside diameter). All three are of a 12-point, bi-hex profile and 63mm in length.

Professional tools for the professional technician are available now from your Laser Tools’ stockist.

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