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Laser Tools introduces new injector extractor

Laser Tools has introduced a new injector extractor that is specifically designed for Bosch CR solenoid type diesel injectors.

The Laser Tools range includes many diesel and petrol injector extractors but this new extractor (part number 7802) has been specifically designed to allow the user to extract the Bosch CR solenoid type diesel injectors without the need to remove the injector solenoid or internals.

The tool is manufactured in the EU and is designed to mount directly onto the injector and over the solenoid. It is secured tightly in place by four screws and tightened with a 3mm hex key. The tool grips the injector securely while protecting the solenoid from damage. Once in place, a slide hammer is attached, suitable Laser examples include the 2.2kg hammer (part number 5850), or the 4.4kg version (part number 4811).

If access is limited, then the injector off-line adaptor (part number 6123) can also be used, which allows up to 30  of angle for the slide hammer connection. And if the injector really is “stuck” and doesn’t not want to budge, then connect up an air hammer (Laser part number 6031 is recommended) using the air hammer extractor adaptor (part number 6264) and the powerful impact and vibration will extract the most stubborn injector.

See the new injector extractor in action on the Tool Connection YouTube channel:

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist.