Klarius exhibits Diesel Particulate Filter range

Klarius exhibited its type approved Diesel Particulate Filter range, which guarantees parts meet the standards laid down by vehicle manufacturers at Automechanika last week.

Not only does Klarius have Type Approved Filter Only DPF’s, there are also combined Type Approved CAT/DPFs available.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) differ from other exhaust components as they are a physical blockage in the system and not a traditional flow through device such as a catalytic converter. The job of a DPF is to catch the particulate matter (ash and soot) created by the engine and stop the harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere. Once the DPF is full to capacity it must be cleaned of the soot that it has collected. This cleaning is called regeneration. If a DPF is not regenerated the filter will block beyond its working capacity and the component will fail to regenerate and need replacing.