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Kia launches explainer video for Care-3 service plans

Kia Motors Ireland has launched a simple 3 minute explainer video for its Care-3 service plans.
David O’Connor, Head of Aftersales at Kia Motors Ireland explains: “Family-Like-Care” has been our mantra at Kia Motors Aftersales for a number of years now and has been a contributory factor for Kia Motors car sales growth in Ireland this year, in a market that has seen a fall in numbers. Customers who visit our aftersales departments across our dealer network, tend to repurchase a Kia.

To make the service process even easier for new customers to the Kia family, we developed Care-3; a service plan that rewards customer’s loyalty by giving them a discount if they purchase now, over what they would normally pay over a number of services.

Adding Care-3 to your new Kia, in addition to Kia’s unique 7 year / 150k warranty and 3 year Kia Assist Roadside Recovery, give the owner more peace of mind than any other manufacturer can offer.

Care-3 Benefits
Buy when purchasing your new Kia or up to 11 months after purchase.

Normal service costs covered for 3 years.

No need to budget in servicing cost for the next 3 years.

Inflation and Brexit Proof.

Customer saving 10-20% (depending on model).

Check out the video on Kia Motors Ireland YouTube Channel or click: https://youtu.be/MDrKsx8zVGg

Download the Care-3 brochure at http://www.kia.com/ie/aftersales/service-and-maintenance/