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Keep your engine healthy with febi’s Oil Pump range

An oil pump ensures continuous engine lubrication, supplying any moving parts with the exact quantity of oil.

This not only reduces any friction and abrasion but due to high performing heat dissipation, cools the stressed engine components and protects them from overheating. In addition, it lubricates the surfaces of parts rubbing against each other, thus protecting them from corrosion, while also muffling any engine noise.

A faulty oil pump results in engine lubrication being interrupted and can quickly result in damage to the engine. Therefore, when replacing it, go for the best quality: The oil pump from febi bilstein is manufactured in febi’s in-house production facility, adhering to the most stringent testing processes.

If an oil pump is not working correctly, it can be difficult to detect. An indication that it isn’t working could be;

  • If the low oil pressure light comes on
  • If the engine is making abnormally loud tapping noises
  • High engine temperature
  • Although oil pumps are designed to be durable, their exposure over time to heat, vibrations & other factors can lead to stress fractures and corrosion.

Where OE supplies all the individual parts of the oil pump separately, febi bilstein has over 200 high-quality oil pumps (inc. kits) in range to fit a wide range of vehicle makes.

The febi product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the strong SWAG and Blue Print brands.