JP D’Arcy finds success in Autowork Online

Founded in 2018, Co Cork based JP D’Arcy made the decision switch to Autowork Online in November 2022.

A professional car service and repair company that prides itself on using only Original Equipment or equivalent oils and filters, JP D’Arcy acknowledged that its current garage management system needed updating and began searching the market for the best product possible.

Shakira D’Arcy, company secretary said: “We realised, as times changed and software developed, our current system wasn’t going to work for us. We needed a cloud-based system which we could access from multiple locations and found the answer from Andy Savva – The Garage Inspector.

“We have attended many of Andy Savva’s seminars and found his help invaluable. Andy swore by MAM Software’s garage management software Autowork Online and after exploring the market, we knew that this was the product for us.”

Autowork Online is the fully-featured, cloud-based garage management package, which includes all the features required for the end-to-end running of a busy garage or workshop business. Every aspect of the day-to-day running of a business, from estimate to invoice can be managed using the one solution, without the need for additional third-party products.

From implementation beginning, JP D’Arcy found the switch over streamlined and easy. “Changeover of software took about a week, and this included the data transfer from our old platform,” Shakira D’Arcy added. “I checked a piece of information the other day which I felt was hidden in our old software but this had been transferred over as well into Autowork Online without issue.”

Once the switchover had been completed, D’Arcy praised the training period for the staff: “Previously, when switching software our team has had to go in for weeks of training to be ready but this was not the case with Autowork Online.

“We were live and working and over the following 2-3 weeks we found interesting new features and handy tips which helped enhance our business.

“The main reason we moved software was the cloud-based benefits, but obviously there have been many other benefits too. The KPI Dashboard feature is invaluable to managing the company. It allows easy managing day-to-day, we can keep an eye on what works for us and what doesn’t and we can set goals for the business and staff.

“Personally, I find the customisability the most useful. If I was to go away for a few weeks I can adjust the number of hours available in the diary and staff can see instantly what time is available based on a handy colour code system.”

Continuing on with the customisability, D’Arcy added: “The part statuses, I have created all my own with their own custom colour so I know exactly what I need to do with any part immediately. Stuff like this I really like, it was brand new features that simply wasn’t available in other software.”

Looking to the future, JP D’Arcy has begun the implementation of Autowork Online with a motor factor using Autopart.

“The set-up has been complete by MAM Software but we are just waiting for ourselves and the factor to meet and complete things our side,” D’Arcy concluded.

Once this is finalised, JP D’Arcy will have the ability to look up parts with the motor factor directly, streamlining the entire parts ordering process.

JP D’Arcy has been live for just over six months with Autowork Online but is already looking at other features that MAM Software has to offer, to maximise profitability of its already thriving car service and repair business.