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Japanparts has extensive range of spark plugs

Ignition coils in a petrol engine are basically transformers which generate a potential intended to induce discharge through the spark plugs. The coil is necessary for engines with controlled ignition, ensuring that the engine will start and work correctly.

Through a low voltage connection, the ignition coils acquire electrical current from the generator and the car battery and transform it, multiplying it to a maximum of 45 kV.

Therefore, ignition coils are transformers capable of providing high-voltage pulses.
The purpose of these pulses is to generate a spark (arc) between the electrodes on the engine ignition spark plugs, with an intensity and duration sufficient to correctly start internal combustion of the air/petrol

When a vehicle does not start, struggles to start, or stalls relatively frequently, this part may have problems and may need to be replaced. With simple tests, it is possible to find out whether the ignition coil is working properly or needs to be replaced.

Covering 84 per cent of vehicles on the road, Japanparts Group offers a range of products with more than 200 part numbers available for Asian, European and American vehicles.

Depending on the type of vehicle, ignition coils with different applications are used.
They can be single, to be installed directly on the spark plug, or multi-coupling, to reach the spark plugs located on the engine using wires.

Coils are guaranteed for 24 months and offer an alternative with equal quality to the original product.