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Japanparts Group set to extend European range

Japanparts Group has always specialised in spare parts for Asian and American cars. Now it is increasing its offering under the new strategy called “Yes We Have”.

The company’s intention is to continue to reinforce its specialisation, while also implementing applications for European vehicles, in order to become a global reference point.

A resounding example in the company’s history is the addition of shock absorbers for European vehicles. This choice was truly appreciated by the market, and resulted in an explosion of products and the opening, in 2016, of a designated warehouse with 13,500 square metres additional storage space, which in 2017 alone recorded almost 2 million items sold.

There are currently more than 2,000 coded items, with applications for Asian, European and American vehicles, covering 95 per cent of circulating vehicles, with a service level which, in the last months of 2017, reached 94 per cent. This assortment, which is covered by a 24-month guarantee, can be considered one of the most complete ranges in the sector.