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Japanparts adds new strut mounts to range

Japanparts Group has added new strut mounts to its product portfolio.

Designed to connect the chassis to the shock absorber and better cushion shocks and vibrations, the strut mount increases the lifespan of the shock absorber and the suspension, and improves road holding and control of the vehicle.

The strut mounts, which include all the accessories required for complete replacement, are distributed with a redesigned and more attractive packaging and the “Quality Tested” slogan confirms the reliability of Japanparts, Ashika and Japko brands.

The strut mount is covered by a 24-month warranty and offers a high-quality alternative to the original product. These strut mounts have been designed in strict compliance with the original designs and developed with long-lasting, first-rate materials to guarantee interchangeability with OE spare parts and loyalty to customers.

Click here to download the new strut mount catalogue.