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Jaguar F-Pace wins World Car of the Year

The Road to World Car journey ended today with the declaration of a double win for Jaguar Land Rover. The Jaguar F-Pace won the 2017 World Car Design of the Year award as well as the overall 2017 World Car of the Year.

The winner was announced during a press conference hosted by the Bridgestone Corporation at the New York International Auto Show.

Dr Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar Land Rover said: “The F-PACE was designed and engineered as a performance SUV with exceptional dynamics, everyday usability and bold design. Winning these two awards endorses the talent and great work of our teams that have delivered the world’s most practical sports car and Jaguar’s fastest selling vehicle.”

The Jaguar F-Pace was chosen from an initial entry list of 23 vehicles from all over the world, then a short list of ten, then three finalists as announced at Geneva Motor Show: the Audi Q5, the Jaguar F-PACE and the Volkswagen Tiguan

To be eligible for the overall World Car award, the candidates must become available for sale on at least two continents during the period beginning January 1, 2016 and ending May 31, 2017.
This year, vehicles were selected and voted on by an international jury panel comprised of 75 top-level automotive journalists from 23 countries around the world. The Irish juror is Eddie Cunningham, Motoring Editor of the Irish Independent.

Previous World Car of the Year winners were the Mazda MX-5 (2016), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2015), Audi A3 (2014), Volkswagen Golf (2013), Volkswagen Up! (2012), Nissan Leaf (2011), Volkswagen Polo (2010, Volkswagen Golf (2009), Mazda2 (2008), Lexus LS460 (2007), BMW 3-Series (2006), and the Audi A6 (2005).