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IRVA and Nextbase agree road safety partnership

Dash cam maker Nextbase has agreed a new road safety partnership with the Irish Road Victims Association (IRVA), a non-governmental organisation that provides free information and support to those bereaved or injured by road traffic collisions and is working to reduce dangers on Irish roads.

During Irish Road Safety week from October 7-13, Nextbase will work alongside IRVA to promote road safety initiatives and help change negative driving behaviours in Ireland. Nextbase has already donated 10 per cent of its Irish dash cam profits to IRVA.

The IRVA comprises a group of people, many of whom have lost a loved one in a road traffic collision or have been injured themselves, their colleagues, relatives and friends. They are available to speak to bereaved families if they would like to discuss any aspect of their post-crash experience. IRVA offers advice in outlining the steps involved in the professional Garda investigation of serious injury and fatal collisions, and the subsequent post-mortem, inquest and legal proceedings (where applicable) and offers information and advice to the victim’s family.

IRVA is a founding member of the International Road Victims’ Partnership (IRVP) and is also a member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety (GARS) & the European Federation for Road Traffic Victims (FEVR). IRVA is also a member of Victim Support Europe (VSE) and the Victims’ Rights Alliance (VRA) and is a signatory to the European Road Safety Charter (ERSC).

Nextbase recently introduced is Series 2 Model range of dash cams with Emergency SOS, a potentially lifesaving technology that can alert the emergency services to a vehicle’s exact location if a serious collision is detected and the driver is unresponsive. Once an incident is detected, the system will follow a series of failsafe protocols, to ensure there are no false callouts, before ringing the owner’s phone. If the driver remains unresponsive, the emergency services will be alerted, and the vehicle’s GPS position uploaded. Nextbase’s Emergency SOS system can be pre-loaded with medical history, such as blood type, and next of kin.

IRVA believe that the improvements made to driver behaviour through the use of dash cams in the UK can be replicated here in Ireland, leading to more considerate drivers and therefore safer conditions for all road users.

The clarity dash cams offer in the event of a road traffic collision is also welcomed by IRVA, who note that the uncertainty around what caused an incident, particularly a fatal one, can often cause more distress for the families and those who survive serious road collisions.

Donna Price, Chairperson of IRVA, explained: “The Irish Road Victims Association is delighted to be partnering with Nextbase to help make Irish roads safer. So far this year 112 people have lost their lives on Irish roads, an increase of seven over the same period last year. There are far too many people needlessly dying on our roads and we believe that by encouraging drivers to install a Dash Cam in their vehicle, we can make a positive impact on driver behaviour and make our roads safer for all users.

“We are also encouraged by the certainty that a Dash Cam can offer in the investigation of road traffic collisions. For many families who lose a loved one in a collision or someone who is injured in one, a lack of clarity around what happened can make an already distressing experience even more difficult. Allowing the Gardaí to review the footage and come to a definitive conclusion can offer those affected some peace of mind.”

Welcoming the announcement Richard Browning, Director of Nextbase added: “Increasing road safety is one of the most important goals for us here at Nextbase, which is why we are launching this partnership with the Irish Road Victims Association. The figures show that when drivers install a Dash Cam in their vehicle, they are far more likely to drive carefully and tend to be involved in fewer road traffic collisions. As well as improving driver behaviour, a Dash Cam offers protection against fraudulent insurance claims and offers an unbiased view of any road traffic incidents.”