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Irish holidaymakers more likely to rent a car

Irish holidaymakers are much more likely to rent a car during the summer holiday season than their European counterparts, according to research carried out by Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The Europe-wide survey found that 65% of Irish people driving abroad this summer are likely to rent a vehicle compared to the European average of just 48%. Irish holidaymakers abroad are almost twice as likely to rent a car than German (30%) and French (38%) motorists, and more likely than Spanish (55%) and UK (60%) motorists also.

Unsurprisingly, geography plays a major part in where Irish people are planning to drive this summer with the majority (43%) heading to the UK. Spain (29%) is the next most popular destination for Irish drivers this summer followed by France (18%), Portugal (12%) and Italy (10%). Further afield, 15% of Irish survey respondents said they planned to drive in the USA this summer – along with UK drivers, more than any other European country.
Despite our wanderlust, Irish holidaymakers admit that driving abroad can be stressful. Driving on the wrong side of the road (39%) is by far the most stressful thing about driving abroad, followed by not knowing the local rules and regulations (29%), not being able to read/understand local road signs (25%) and foreign drivers (24%).
However not all holidaymakers are fazed by the prospect of driving abroad, with 22% of Irish survey respondents saying they do not find driving abroad to be stressful – less than UK (32%) and German (28%) drivers but significantly more than Spanish drivers (10%).

Finally, for Irish motorists who will be driving on holiday this year, the average distance they will cover is 612km – the lowest average of all nationalities surveyed. UK drivers (943km) will cover the most ground, followed by German (885km), French (854km) and Spanish (777km) motorists.

Commenting on the survey results, George O’Connor, Managing Director of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland, said: “The fact that we are an island nation means that renting a car abroad is a much more attractive prospect for most Irish holidaymakers compared to our mainland European counterparts.

“However, the survey also underlines how stressful and challenging it can be to drive in a foreign country. To reduce the stress factor, we recommend that anyone renting a car abroad does their homework on local rules, logistics and directions, and also that they take the time to familiarise themselves with their rental vehicle before setting off.”

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