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International aftermarket meeting at Autopromotec

The International Aftermarket Meeting 2017 (IAM17) will be held during Autopromotec on Thursday, May 25and will be one of the most high profile events in the AutopromotecEDU calendar of seminars. This year’s topic will be Mobile Solutions: Opportunities and challenges for the Automotive Aftermarket.

In the words of Josef Frank (former Senior Advisor Aftermarket and former Director Aftermarket at CLEPA), chairman of the event, “By the year 2020, an entire generation of “connected” people, the so called C Generation, will have grown up in an digital and connected world, and digital technology and its tools will be a second nature to this group. Their familiarity with technology, reliance on mobile communications, and desire to remain in contact with large networks will transform the way we work and consume. This megatrend is already affecting the automotive industry and the aftermarket”.

IAM17 provides an opportunity for the aftermarket community to hear from experts what these changes and transformations mean for the sector. The first contribution, after an introduction made by ANFIA, will focus on the Italian Market and will be presented by GiPA. In the second presentation, Tim Armstrong, Vice President Planning Solutions at IHS Automotive, will show the long-term outlook for new mobility solutions around the world and look at the impact on automotive demand and the knock-on effects for the aftermarket industry.

In a third part, Matthias Knirsch, Business Development Director at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket will describe the changes in the value chain, where the role of the consumer will be different, the speed of innovation due to connectivity and the need of clear legal framework.

The fourth presentation from Sebastian Ruffino, Business Unit Manager BRIDGE, TomTom, will explain how navigation systems will change and will present BRIDGE, a system that offers a flexible platform where businesses can integrate the power of TomTom technology into their business processes.

Last but not least in the fifth presentation Fotios Katsardis, CEO at Temot International will analyse the implications of mobile solutions in the supply system.

The complete IAM17 conference schedule and the AutopromotecEDU calendar will soon be available on www.autopromotec.com. Please visit the Autopromotec website and follow the trade show on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates:
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