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Injectors and Pumps from Qualvecom

With the increasing popularity of diesel vehicles the demand for diesel engine components has increased significantly and will only continue, with 70% of new cars sold this year being the diesel variant.

PrintQualvecom has put together a complete range of fuel injectors and pumps from world leading brands Bosch, Delphi, Siemens and Carwoods to meet these increasing needs. Ranges include all types of Common Rail Injectors, solenoid injectors and Piezo injectors and Common Rail Pumps.

Qualvecom offers new OE and remanufactured Injectors and Pumps, supplied with a two-year warranty.Qualvecom offers a complete diesel package from diagnostics and test equipment, to the replacement components, as well as the tools to remove stubborn injectors.

  • Components – Injectors + Pumps
  • Diagnostics – Delphi, Bosch, G-Scan
  • Testing – Specialist diesel testing equipment
  • Tooling – Specific tools
  • Training – Dedicated training on the latest technologies

Available from your local Motor Factor. For more information contact Qualvecom @ 01 4191611