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Impact driver and power bar combined from Laser Tools

The manual impact driver is a quick and trusted solution for corroded or frozen fixings, for example, over-torqued wheel nuts. The newly introduced Impact Power Bar (part number 6946) from Laser Tools offers advantages over the traditional impact driver.

While keeping your hand well away from the hammer, the 370 millimetre bar places increased leverage on the fastener. Much more leverage than can be applied with a standard impact driver. This keeps the socket or driver bit snug against the fastener and stops rebound so that the full force of the hammer impact is transmitted.

It’s especially useful with smaller fasteners — you can be reluctant to apply too much turning force to a small fastener, as it is very likely to just break off. But with the impact power bar the sudden shock as well as the strong rotational force will release the most stubborn of fasteners of all sizes.

Safer to use with its impact absorbing composite handle, the impact power bar from Laser Tools delivers the required results and will be the first choice for the professional technician.

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See the 6946 impact power bar in action on the Tool Connection YouTube Channel: