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Hyundai 360 Workshop Automation wins top fleet technology award

Hyundai Motor UK’s innovative ‘360 Workshop Automation’ initiative is a unique service solution for the fleet market. And it has scooped the top accolade in the Service, Maintenance and Repair category of the 2016 BusinessCar Fleet Technology Awards – the ‘Techies.

Now in their eighth year, the Techies celebrate the most innovative solutions available in the company car market that help UK fleets with their daily operations. recognised for our efforts in creating such 

 Hyundai 360 Workshop Automation helps streamline the maintenance operations for UK fleets by using clever technology that delivers real efficiencies.”

Hyundai 360 Workshop Automation is a new technology trial that makes fleet maintenance an easy and efficient process for all Hyundai fleet customers. At the core of the programme is the industry’s quickest online service booking system that requires no more than six steps and 10 seconds to complete. It is also fully integrated into Dealer DMS systems to maximise efficiencies

On arrival at the dealership, number plate recognition signals the driver to a specific parking bay, alerts the service team to the car’s arrival, and triggers a tablet-based check-in where any obvious additional jobs can be costed, added to the work schedule and authorised by the customer.

Once in the workshop, the customer can track the car’s progress on screens in the refreshment area. Any extra work is flagged by SMS with the option to request instant authorisation to speed up the process.

As part of the easy and efficient service, fleet customers receive a free health check, which is submitted live from the workshop – with images and pricing. Once the service is complete, the handover process is managed through a touch-screen tablet, and includes the opportunity for customers to provide instant feedback on the experience.

The system continues to work even after the customer has left the workshop, with personalised communications sent by an intelligent management system to ensure additional or advisory work is carried out in good time to keep the vehicle roadworthy. The system is fully integrated with Hyundai’s existing software to facilitate seamless data access.

“Hyundai’s clever use of technology to make life easier for fleet drivers and operators is exactly the sort of thing the BusinessCar Techies were designed to reward,” said BusinessCar Editor Paul Barker. “The use of number plate recognition to guide a car to a bay, and easy work authorisation is an example of a company thinking about its customers and what will help them.”

Hyundai has made rapid advances in fleet in recent years, with significant business growth, product innovations, process improvements, and a high level of customer service central to its success. The company’s latest award win follows on from Hyundai UK being named ‘Most Improved Fleet Manufacturer’ in the Fleet News Awards earlier this year.