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Honda triumphs in 2016 Which? breakdown survey

Hondacare Assistance in the UK has been voted the best car maker branded cover in the 2016 Which? Breakdown Survey and been awarded ‘Which? Recommended Provider’ status.


As part of the highly regarded ‘Which? Car Survey 2016’, where they collected data from almost 8,600 drivers who had to call out a breakdown service in the past year, Hondacare Assistance scored an impressive 88 per cent, up by 1 per cent from last year’s survey.

Hondacare Assistance took the top spot in both the time taken to arrive on site as well as the ‘repair at roadside’ categories, both of which are key factors when a customer is stuck at the roadside, highlighted by the survey which discovered 78 per cent said response time is the most important factor when choosing a breakdown company.

Provided by the AA in the UK, Hondacare Assistance covers the car for three years and is included as part of the manufacturer warranty offering a full range of services such as home, roadside and recovery assistance as well as a messaging service to let a family member know what’s happening. All Honda owners get European Assistance as part of the standard manufacturer warranty.