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Hologram free polishing for bodyshops

Holograms (or buffer swirls as they are also known) on black cars plague detailers, bodyshops and valeters around the country.

When using a regular rotary polisher with a pad of poor quality and coarse compound, micro scratches are etched into a car’s bodywork, creating a swirly shine that takes away from the overall finish of the body. Proper polishing can take up a lot of time, and if working to remove severe defects, it will take many steps to ensure a hologram free-finish, wasting detailing time and money.

Luckily Abcon Industrial Products Ltd., the official Irish Agent for Rupes, stocks the Bigfoot series of random orbital polishing systems. Rupes has developed the Bigfoot series to reduce time spent polishing by up to 40 per cent with better results than any other polisher on the market. A hologram-free finish is ensured every time with just one step thanks to a new innovative process.

Based on a large diameter random orbital movement, the Bigfoot Systems’ long throw eliminates holograms, ignores “clear coat burning”, and takes away the need for the secondary removal step associated with traditional rotary polishers, especially on hard to detail black cars.

Additionally, the Bigfoot polishers use a shockingly low 500 Watts of energy during the polishing process which translates to lower energy consumption overhead costs. Coupled with those savings are more cost-cutting measures in the Bigfoot systems’ ability to use less consumable products as polishers finish their jobs quicker.

With a higher RPM and more torque, Bigfoot polishers guarantee to deliver unbeatable results and maximum performance in hard to reach areas and concave surfaces. The polishers also feature a perfect balance and thus reduce vibration, providing more comfort and ease-of-use for the user.

The Bigfoot range has eight polishers of varying shapes and sizes for you to choose from, each with multiple different kits and accessory packages. Orbits range from a 1/2” to 32” ensuring that every area type will be polished to perfection.

For more information or to purchase any of the polishers from the Rupes Bigfoot range, contact Abcon, the only official Rupes agent in Ireland, on (049) 555 2340 or at