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Hella’s innovative new lighting

Hella, the highly regarded lighting, component and systems manufacturer, has introduced an innovative and compact auxiliary light for multiple applications. The Q90 compact LED is part of Hella’s ‘Thermo Pro’ series, which is water and dust resistant, contributing to a longer working life.


The Q90 compact LED is housed in a ground-breaking, thermally conductive plastic casing with cooling fins, which ensures the required heat dissipation from the high powered LEDs. This material also offers the advantage of complete corrosion resistance, which eliminates any failure due to water ingress.

The light output from the four high power LEDs is an impressive 1,000 lumens, which is key to providing the ultimate illumination and is evenly distributed by a specially developed multi-faceted reflector. The Q90 compact LED’s energy consumption is just 15 watts and its lightweight design, weighing just 380g, gives it a high vibration resistance.

With a colour temperature of 6,500º Kelvin, the light from the Q90 is very similar to daylight, significantly helping drivers to distinguish colours more easily in the dark and preventing eyes from tiring quickly at night.

With this specialist light, road safety increases and visibility improves, making it a worthwhile addition to any vehicle.