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Hella unveils new Addlight app

Hella is renowned for its high quality lighting, electronic components and systems, as well as its comprehensive support programme for its aftermarket customers.

The Hella Addlight app, which can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play, is an excellent example of this customer support and consists of 3D real-time visualisation that can identify what auxiliary headlamps would be the perfect match for a particular vehicle. Users can also take advantage of the 3D illumination feature that provides a comparison between LED, xenon and halogen.

The app blends both real and virtual worlds in order for users to decide which would be the right auxiliary lights for their vehicle and allows them to visually ‘install’ headlamps, using a variety of mounting positions, on one of ten 3D vehicle models, as well as onto photos of their own vehicles. Also included, is the 360° product view, which shows the mounted headlamp in a realistic 3D environment, from every viewing angle, making it as close as it can be to actual reality.
In addition, there is a comprehensive product catalogue of all lamps with day/night comparison views of products, which can be shared and stored into an individual personal showroom.

The free app is available to download directly onto a device and is available in a range of languages.